Cryptic Sky Project

The Cryptic Sky Project
Due February 14, 2013
(no late projects accepted)
2nd Grade Science Unit
In second grade, students learn about stars, the sun and the moon. In this unit, students will research, create, and present a project of their choice about the cryptic sky. Students should use this opportunity to answer questions they might have about the cryptic sky. The project should consist of a ONE page report, along with a visual representation/aid to support their research.
Each project should be clearly labeled with student’s question.
Presentation of projects will allow students to answer the question they posed before and during the research and creation of their projects. Students will practice the IB learner profile of inquiry. Students become inquirers when their natural curiosity has been nurtured and they actively enjoy learning. Students will “step up” beyond the confines of learning within subject areas to practice the transdisciplinary theme of “How the World Works”.

Some probing question ideas for projects:
*What mythologies relate to stars and the constellations?
*Why are galaxies different shapes?
*How many stars are in the universe?
*Why are stars different colors?
*How many planets are in the Milky Way Galaxy?
*Why do astronauts need to wear special suits?
* Are all stars spherical? Why?
*How would you compare the size of the solar system to the Milky Way galaxy?
*How would you compare the size of the Milky Way galaxy to the universe?
*How does the Earth’s orbit effect seasons?
*How is the sun used in various ways to calculate time?
*How is the Northern hemisphere’s night sky different from the Southern hemisphere’s night sky?
*There are countless possible project ideas! Be creative and have fun!

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