Group Communication Projects

The girls are working in groups–in class–to brainstorm, plan, and present a Communication Unit project. They had their first planning session today and may be asking you to bring in items such as fabric, paint, props, etc. Please do not feel the need to go out and purchase anything–I asked the girls to work with items they already have, reusing supplies available at home. I will have basic supplies here such as bulletin board paper, markers, glue and colored pencils.
The groupings were based on a common interest in a particular mode of communication, then the girls chose a topic we have learned to reteach the class using their mode of communication.
Here is the breakdown:

Mode of Art to teach Georgia Rivers: Kamara, Amyriah, Genesis
Mode of Art to teach Sun Facts: Maria, Jhen’e, Sadah, Sanaa
Mode of Art to teach Georgia Rivers: Jasmine, McKenzie, Brinae, Keira
Mode of Song to teach about Laws/Rules: Platiyah, Khaleelah, Jada
Mode of Play/Drama to teach about Georgia Rivers: Ella, Sydney, Kennedy, Nakayla
Mode of Commercial to teach about Computer Usage: Arielle, Marlie, Kai, Aaren
Mode of News/TV to teach about Fact Families: Miracle, Natalie, Kaylin

This project will be worked on in class and will be presented in about a week.

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