Community Holiday Project

Meet Christina!

Christina is a three year old girl who attends a nearby school in our community, Guice—which is part of the Easter Seal’s system of North Georgia. Christina and her family could really use our help this holiday season! Christina does not speak at all but loves music. She comes from bilingual household, English and Spanish, so music and audio books in both languages would be a great gift. In addition, there are other clothing and toy items on her wish list. If you would like to donate an item, please sign up on the Write Board page: The password is: imagine.

Please send in the unwrapped items by Tuesday, December 7th. We will label and wrap the gifts in class. If you would like to send in wrapping paper and/or tape, we would appreciate it greatly!

Specific Clothing Needs/Sizes:
-Pants, shirts, underwear, undershirts, 3T
-Warm pajamas, 3T
-Coat, 3T
-Shoes, size 8 ½
-Hat, gloves

Desired Toys:
-Doll (Hispanic)
-Sleeping bag
-Books, especially Dora the Explorer, Olivia, Angelina Ballerina
-Leapfrog learning toy
-Art supplies, especially beads and crayons
-Child’s boom box (Sony makes a good one) or portable CD player with headphones and children’s music on CD

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